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UNiPLAY Soft Building Blocks Plus Series 122pcs Primary Color

UNiPLAY Soft Building Blocks Plus Series 122pcs Primary Color

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Introducing the UNiPLAY Soft Building Blocks Plus Series 122pcs Primary Color - a toy designed to provide endless developmental fun for your child!

We understand the importance of fostering imagination, improving motor skills, and enhancing cognitive development in young minds. That's why our Soft Building Blocks were thoughtfully crafted to stimulate your child's creativity and learning abilities. With their vibrant primary colors, these blocks introduce children to the world of colors in a gradual and meaningful way.

Let your child's creativity soar with these basic soft blocks! They have the ability to create towers, build block cities, and much more. The blocks can be stacked on singular or 3D bases, which are created by snapping together the interlocking sheets of blocks. This opens up a world of possibilities for your child to explore and build their own unique structures.

Safety is our top priority, and we have taken every precaution to ensure that these blocks are safe for your child to play with. Our patented design incorporates soft plastic with rounded edges, making them gentle on little hands. The blocks are made with food-grade materials that are non-toxic and BPA-free, giving you peace of mind as your child plays and explores.

These blocks are incredibly versatile and can be used for play at home, in preschools, and at day care facilities. The antibacterial and antiseptic surface ensures that they can be safely used by multiple children without the worry of passing harmful germs. Your child can enjoy hours of safe and educational playtime while building important social and cognitive skills.

At UNiPLAY, our goal is to provide you with safe and educational tools that inspire learning and growth through play. We believe that by encouraging mental, physical, and creative development, we are setting children on a path to becoming team players and out-of-the-box thinkers.

In addition to the 122pcs Primary Color set, we also offer the 80-Piece Plus Soft Building Blocks in Primary colors for even more building possibilities. These blocks have a greater variety of shapes to build, allowing children to create planes, birds, and other imaginative designs. The soft plastic used in this block set is of the highest quality, surpassing 22196 testing standards. It is also BPA-free and completely non-toxic, ensuring the utmost safety for your child.

The special patented design of our oversized blocks ensures that they are easy for little hands to grasp, preventing any scratching, poking, or choking hazards during play. The soft, rounded edge design further enhances their safety features while stimulating and strengthening fine motor skills, muscles, and cognitive functions.

With multiple colors included in the set, your child will not only enjoy building and creating but also enhance their color cognition and visual development. These blocks also encourage social collaboration, as they can be used with UNiPLAY Big Cube Blocks and are compatible with other Big Block and Jumbo Brands.

By investing in these blocks, you will not only be providing your child with hours of fun, but also connecting their playtime with critical neurological development. Watch as they grow, learn, and thrive with the UNiPLAY Soft Building Blocks Plus Series 122pcs Primary Color. Order yours today and unlock your child's limitless potential!
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