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Bath Bliss: Your Ultimate Relaxation Set

Bath Bliss: Your Ultimate Relaxation Set

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Babies need lots of stuff, and it can be hard to keep track of it all - especially when bath time comes around!

The Baby Stuff Bath Set has everything you need to keep your little one clean and comfortable, all in one place.

The set includes a bath towel, blanket, brush, crochet rattle, milestone card, bracelet, and bib - everything you need for a perfect bath time routine.

The towel and blanket are made of soft cotton and bamboo fiber, making them gentle on your baby's skin.

The milestone card is a great way to track your baby's development, and the bracelet and bib make bath time fun! 

Brand: Let's Make 
Model number: Baby Blankets
Material: Cotton / Bamboo Fiber
Shape: Cartoon 
Package: Brush, crochet rattle, milestone, bath towel, bracelet, bib
Weight: 160g
Item 1: Blankets
Item 2: Blanket & Swaddling
Item 3: Baby Swaddle
Quantity: 1set

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